Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Plan for an Improved Visitor's Center on Sun Valley Road

A debate in Ketchum is underway:
 “What’s the best use for
 Ketchum’s current visitor’s center?”

Option 1:  To provide a multi-media experience of Ketchum’s
amenities, history, business life, cultural attractions, 
spirituality, and community life?
Option 2:  A Starbucks coffee, wine, and appetizers store
shared with our current visitor’s center?

Businesses and citizens submitted a plan to the URA for Option 1. 
The URA chose to negotiate a lease for Option 2.
 The proposal for Option 1 envisions the Visitor’s Center as
  “The first place that visitor’s want to stop
and their home base while they’re here”

with features including:
  • Interactive displays to introduce visitors to Ketchum’s social, entrepreneurial, athletic, historical, spiritual, and cultural life;
  • A concierge for reservations;
  • Entertainments for children and teens, while parents plan their stay;
  • Information on sights from Stanley to Craters of the Moon;
  • Complimentary coffee and tea.
The proposal aligns with the Urban Renewal Agency’s plan to:
 “…strengthen the (city’s) economic base and community by installing…
public facilities to stimulate employment and economic growth.”

and with Sun Valley Marketing Alliance’s plan to:
 Attract a new generation by making the past relevant,
the present differentiated, and the future undeniable –
providing original experiences for authenticity seekers.”
Which option do you think best meets the city’s needs and goals?

Make your voice heard: Write a letter to the editor or email the City Council/URA Board (  Please copy whatever your view.  Thanks!

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