About Us

Rice Consulting has a strong record of success with challenging assignments for small and large businesses, private and public organizations, rural and urban commerce, for-profits and not-for-profits, across a wide range of industries.

We are a virtual team of congenial and effective consulting professionals located in Idaho, Hawaii, Boston, and California. We consult on-site (yours or ours) and through the internet. 

Jima Rice, Ph.D. is the principal of Rice Consulting. A business psychologist, she has worked with executives, managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs in a host of organizations: private and public, large and small, profit and non-profit.

Jima’s office is based in Ketchum, among the mountains of Central Idaho and the home of Sun Valley Resort.  Her clients include local start-ups and small businesses, international corporations, and local and national non-profits. A client list is available on request.

Rice Consulting 
engagements include executive coaching, leadership development, strategic planning, and organization culture improvement. We are a seamless team that pursues close client relationships, well-planned and efficient consulting, and measurable progress. 

Jima earned her Ph.D. in developmental psychology and her Ed.M. in human development, both at Harvard University, and is a licensed psychologist. From 1982-1994, she consulted in the Boston area with McBer & Company, the Hay Group, Renaissance Consulting, and Forbes Consulting Group. In 1995, Jima moved her practice to Idaho.

Rice Consulting colleagues are advanced degree holders with substantial experience in a wide variety of business consulting. We employ a deep understanding of human nature to help effect successful, enduring, and measurable results.  A list of colleagues is available on request.

For further information about Rice Consulting, please contact jimasv@cox.net or call our office at 208-726-1848.