Develop Your Colleagues

Whether you run a hierarchical company, a flat corporation, a start-up, or a non-profit, you want to draw committed effort from employees, vendors, funders, and mentors.  This calls for serving these colleagues' interests as well as your own. We can help you create the clear goals, necessary communication networks, and team culture essential for successful business outcomes.

Rice Consulting services, customized according to your situation, include:

• Core Seminars. Rice Consulting has developed core seminars for large and small clients on several management topics.  We shape these seminars to the learning level of participants and a client's specific needs (or create new seminars using our knowledge base).  Core seminars include: 
1. General Patton or Peter Pan: What Kind of Manager are You?  A set of six management styles can be variously combined to handle diverse work situations that affect your organization's bottom line. Stimulating and fun with optional self-assessment.   
2. Three Pillars of Organization Conflict.  Organizational success relies on people, operations, and structure - often conflated in addressing organizational conflict.  This insightful seminar teaches how to correctly diagnose and correct root causes of conflict. 
3.  Is The Customer Really Always Right? Everyone knows the importance of great customer service for business success.  So, why it is so elusive?  We'll help you assess your current customer service efforts and design improved practices that will lead to lasting customer loyalty.  
4.  Creating the Best Team.  Our workshops engage real-life teams in concrete work challenges, on-site if possible, to foster durable and cost-effective learning. The result is team-based problem-solving that achieves business goals while stimulating dynamic and effective team interaction. 

Fees for services vary according to length and complexity of an assignment. Hourly rates range from $110-$250/hour; we also provide project cost estimates.