Develop Your Organization

Successful entrepreneurs and Main Street business owners, working with limited resources, must be flexible, persistent, and creative about responding to market feedback.  Practical thinking, fearless networking, knowledge of best practices, and careful contingency planning are essential for success.  

On the other hand, larger organizations depend on capturing employee involvement and creativity to propel growth.  Sustained learning, a far-reaching vision, a transparent culture, and clear communication networks are some of the tools we use to help you achieve success. 

Rice Consulting services, customized according to your situation, include:

• Work Environment Analysis. Interviews with key managers enable us to identify opportunities for improved business operations and people management. Our Forward Action Plan describes a recommended strategic direction and specific steps that will lead your business to improved revenues.

• Strategic Planning Retreats.  We offer fast-paced and efficient two-day retreats to update your organization's strategic direction and align it with immediate goals and emerging market forces.  Our Strategic Action Plan summarizes retreat conclusions concisely and includes detailed action steps.

• Building a Learning Organization. Learning organizations are magnets for quality employees who seek challenge and growth.  Businesses with learning environments have high morale, motivated employees, innovative products/ services, and a rising bottom line.  We can help you build a productive learning environment.

Fees for services vary according to length and complexity of an assignment. Hourly rates range from $110-$250/hour; we also provide project cost estimates.