Develop Yourself

If you've advanced in your career, you've made uncounted decisions regarding people, money, operations, and the market.  You've ridden the roller coaster, learned from your mistakes, and celebrated success. But it gets lonely the further up you go.  With whom do you share your questions and fears about the demands of leadership? In what ways do you want to grow? What lies ahead?

Rice Consulting services, customized according to your situation, include:

• Management & Executive Coaching. Experience, talent, motivation and mentors have led you this far. What will keep you growing? Confidential coaching is one answer…the opportunity to talk openly, when you need it, with someone skilled in assisting personal development and providing knowledgeable, objective insight into your options.

• Personal Counseling. Some people compartmentalize work and personal life. It's healthier and more fun, however, to be yourself at all times. Confidential counseling, when you need it, looks at the intersection of your career and your personality to clear roadblocks in your relationships, career growth, and self-image. 

Fees for services vary according to length and complexity of an assignment. Hourly rates range from $110-$250/hour; we also provide project cost estimates.