Our Services

Rice Consulting will help you build your organization's strength, whatever its size. We consult with you, not to you, to customize our work to your distinct needs, values, and desired working culture. Measurable outcomes are set at the start of every project for all businesses, whether large or small. 

Develop Your Organization

Successful entrepreneurs and Main Street business owners, working with limited resources, must be flexible, persistent, and creative about responding to market feedback.  Practical thinking, fearless networking, knowledge of best practices, and careful contingency planning are essential for success.  

Larger organizations depend on capturing employee involvement and creativity to propel growth.  Sustained learning, a far-reaching vision, an open culture, and clear networks for communication are among the keys for corporate success.  Read more...

Develop Your Colleagues

Whether you run a hierarchical company, a flat corporation, or a start-up, you want to draw committed effort from employees, vendors, funders, and mentors.

This calls for serving these colleagues' interests as well as your own. Clear goals, fast and targeted communication networks, and a team culture will create the environment you need for successful business outcomes. Read more...

Develop Your Career

If you've advanced in your career, you've made uncounted decisions regarding people, money, operations, and the market.  You've ridden the roller coaster, learned from your mistakes, and celebrated success. But it gets lonely the further up you go.  With whom do you share your questions and fears about the demands of leadership? In what ways do you want to grow? What lies ahead?  Read more...

Fees for services vary according to length and complexity of an assignment. Hourly rates range from $110-$250/hour; we also provide project cost estimates.